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Quick info guide

The logo

  • Recommended sizes for header logo: normal: 298px X 124px | retina: 596px X 248px
  • Recommended sizes for footer logo: normal: 298px X 101px | retina: 596px X 202px
  • How to update the logo from theme customizer

The content featured images

  • Recommended sizes if you want full width images: 1074px x 506px
  • Recommended sizes if you want 2 columns width images: 700px x 406px

Theme instalation and sample import file

Download XML file

Header setup (logo + ad)

How to make the Homepage

Thumbnail download from youtube

Responsive Google AdSense

Smart block content (block resizing in columns)

Use templates for homepage and contact page (pagebuilder premade templates)

Integrated translated support (how to translate the theme)

How to use blocks