How to

In this section we show you how to use the theme and all features that theme support.

Custom sidebars

On each post you can select a unique Custom sidebar. Read more

Primary category

On each post you can select what category you want to show on blocks and slides. If a post is in multiple category you can choose which category to be primary. Read more

Source and via

Here is the source and via of the post that appears on the post page.

Notes To show/hide some elements from post page like, author box, tags, similar article, and more you can see here in Theme customizer. Read more

You can easly create product reviews using this theme.

Just create a post and on Product settings you can create unlimited review criterias and rate it. Also you can write a short review in the description area. The theme support 3 types of review like stars, percent and points

Stars review

Points review

Percent review

For social sharing please install Jeptpack plugin from our Recommended plugin list and go to Jeptpack -> Sharing -> Configure

On post edit make sure you have enabled sharing.

The category settings are:

  • category layout
  • sidebar position
  • category color
  • slide preference: with or without slide
  • background image for category page and posts from it
  • choose unique sidebars for every category

1. Category layout

Using the layout settings you can choose how to display the posts from a category. Example you can see here

2. Sidebar position

Can be default, right, left or no sidebar on category page.

3. Show featured slider on category

Here you can set to show/hide the slide with featured posts from that category or display the slide only on first page.

4. Categoy color

Here you can set the color for category.

5. Category background

Here you can set a background for category and all posts from it.

Tips Background can be tiled or stretched.

6. Category sidebar

Here you can set a custom sidebar for every category.