We are happy to present our new theme - Newspaper

First of all we thank you for purchasing our theme Newspaper and please contact us for any problems, requests or even if you just want to talk with us :) . Our email is:

Documentation version

Please use the latest online version of the documentation. Click here

The logo

  • Recommended sizes for header logo: normal: 300px x 100px | retina: 600px x 200px
  • Recommended sizes for footer logo: any size

The content featured images

  • Recommended sizes if you want full width images(Full slide on 3 columns): 1074px * 483px
  • Recommended sizes if you want 2 columns width images: 700px * 406px

How to make a featured post

To mark a post as featured just include the post in Featured category.

Thumbs and image resolutions

Smart block content

All the blocks – All of the content blocks support ajax pagination and subcategories (including slides)

1. Upload the theme

Instaling the theme from Wordpress Dashboard

  • Download the theme from themeforest, extract the ZIP file contents to a folder on your local computer.
  • Log into your WordPress and go to Appearance -> Themes
  • Now click on the Install themes, than click on Upload.
  • Click on Browse and select the file.
  • Click the Install Now button to install the theme.

Upload the theme via FTP

  • Download the theme from themeforest, extract the ZIP file contents to a folder on your local computer.
  • In the extracted folder you find file.
  • Use an FTP client to access your host web server.
  • Unzip the file and upload the folder Newspaper to wp-content/themes/

2. Activate the theme

Go to Appearance -> Themes panel, locate the theme and click Activate to activate the theme.

1. Modules

All this modules layout can be used on:

  • Latest article using a Homepage with article list
  • Category page
  • Blog index
  • Archive page
  • Attachment page
  • Author page
  • Tag page
  • Search page
  • 404 page
Module 1
see demo

Module 2
see demo

Module 3
see demo

Module 4
see demo

Module 5
see demo

Module 6
see demo

Module 7
see demo

Module 8
see demo

Module 9
see demo

Module search
see demo

2. Blocks

This blocks are available in Page Builder and as Widgets.

Blocks can be used with Page builder to create Homepages. This blocks are created using Modules.

To import the sample content is so simple, with just one click you will have demo data installed. Just go to Theme - Options and click on Install demo

Here is the list of steps requiered to update the theme via FTP:

  • Connect to your FTP server using Filezilla
  • Unzip the theme (
  • Via filezilla go to the wordpress theme directory "your site public html/wp-content/themes/Newspaper"
  • Overwrite the files from that FTP folder with the ones from the content of

VIDEO - Update the theme via FTP video

Please note that this video is for another theme butthe same process is applicable to all the themes.

To use the theme with your existing content you must rebuild thumbnails of featured images for all posts/pages.

Don't worry, is simple! Follow the steps bellow:

Important Please make sure the theme is ACTIVE!

1. Install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin - download

2. Go to Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails

3. Click on Regenerate All Thumbnails

1. Theme customizer

How to open Theme Customizer:

  • Template options
    • Set the theme to be Responsive/Not responsive
    • You can choose Sidebar position, which sidebar and layout you want to use for Blog index, Page, Archive page, Author page, Category page, Tag page, Search page and 404 page.
  • Colors - Here you can set the colors of the theme, like Background color, Theme base color, Link color and Link hover color.
  • Logo - Upload your logo and retina logo, also here you can upload your Favicon.
  • Post settings
    • show/hide featured image
    • lightbox for featured images, or link to picture or no link
    • show/hide tags
    • show/hide author box
    • show/hide next-preview posts
    • show/hide similar articles
    • similar article type: by category, by tag, by author
    • similar article count: 2,4,6 or 8 posts
    • show/hide breadcrumbs
    • show/hide home link on breadcrumbs
    • show/hide parent category link on breadcrumbs
    • show/hide article title on breadcrumbs
  • Google fonts - Here you can change fonts used by the theme.
  • Navigation - Here you can set Top Header menu, the Header menu and Footer Menu (* here you can select a menu used to show custom links, pages, or enything else), also you can choose here Snap menu(stay on top)
  • Excerpts Set excerpts for: modules, content modules and wordpress default
  • Ads
    • Top Header Ad - set the Top Ad using your code or selecting one Spot Ads created from Theme Options
    • In content Ad - set inline content Ad on post pages
  • Footer - Set footer columns, add your copyright text and select some category to show on footer (*this will be replaced if you choose to use a menu from Navigation - Footer Menu)
  • Static Front Page - Select a static page for frontpage(homepage) and post page(blog)

2. Theme options

How to open Theme options:

1. Making the homepage

To create a homepage:

  • Go to Pages -> Add new
  • Select a Homepage - with article list template from Page Attributes (*see image bellow)
  • Start Visual Composer by clicking on Visual Composer blue button

  • Build you Homepage using Blocks content or you can use predefined Homepage templates from Page Builder ->
  • Create a row like in image below

  • Push "+" sign

  • Select the content element: Big Slide, Slide, Block1, etc. to create the homepage as you wish

  • Here are the options for Big Slide, don't forget to save

  • Set on Homepage latest article section like in image below or use the settings you like.
  • Save the page or update the page by clicking on Save/Update blue button
  • To create the sidebar for this Homepage go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag widgets in Newspaper Default sidebar.
  • Go to Settings -> Reading or go to Theme-customizer -> Static Front Page and select your homepage page as Front page

Your page is ready to run!

2. Templates

On pages you have multiple page templates:

  • 1. Default Template
  • 2. Homepage - bg + with article list
  • 3. Homepage - bg - no article list
  • 4. Homepage - blank
  • 5. Homepage - with article list
  • 6. Page builder - with title

1. Default Template

Template with page title and classic editor from Wordpress

2. Homepage - bg + with article list

Template with Big slider and background on top and article list with pagination + sidebar - view demo

3. Homepage - bg - no article list

Template with Big slider and background on top and Page builder

4. Homepage - blank

Template with Page Builder without page title - view demo

5. Homepage - with article list

Template with Page Builder and article list with pagination + sidebar - view demo

6. Page builder - with title

Template with Page Builder and page title - view demo

To customize a category go to a category page you want to edit and click on Edit Category

Here you have all the settings for the cateogry

  • Layout - the layout of the listing posts(the theme have 8 types of style listing: module 1 - 7, module search)
  • Sidebar position - the sidebar position could be left, right or no sidebar
  • Show featured slide on category - the slider on the top that shows featured article from that category (*to mark an article to be featured just put it in Featured category). Also the slider could be displayed on first page, on all pages of the category or hidden.
  • Category color - the category color
  • Category sidebar - the sidebar used on that category (could be the default sidebar or a custom sidebar)

You can easily create product reviews using this theme.

Just create a post and on Product review you can create unlimited review criteria and rate it. Also you can write a short review in the Review description. The theme support 3 types of review like stars, percent and points